The Other Side of Christmas

Then there is the rest of us like me, who get the Holiday Blues. Oh sure you can get those excited about Christmas, when all I see is they are slowly pushing themselves in to bankruptcy. All though the focus on the season is the All Mighty Gift, you know what most people need. Your Time, give of yourself. I spent the whole day yesterday volunteering at the VA Hospital. Those veterans were actually happy I was there. If more gave their time to a friend, this world would be a better place.

Christmas isn’t about religion, it has been in decades. It’s about the GIMMIE, what is in it for me. How many years have you see people rush down to the store, the day after you gave them what you thought was the perfect gift. To exchange it for cash or something else they want. Christmas may of started out as a pagan holiday, (look it up, it’s true). Then the CHURCH back then, finally figured out why fight it and turned it in to Jesus birthday. Which according to those who know was actually in the Spring. Then beginning in the 1960s it began to become more and more commercialized. Until now when you can’t even call it Christmas any more. I can name more companies and govt. offices who will suspend you for using that name. To quote Lucy from a Charlie Brown special. “It’s the Getting Season”.