8 Reasons Why You SHOULD PEE in the Shower

As originally posted on distractify.com

1. It saves money.
Water costs money, and unless you’re rocking a new, high-efficiency toilet, every flush sends gallons and gallons of your hard-earned money down the drain. And trust me, there are much better ways to waste your money.

2. It’s good for the environment.
In case you haven’t heard, the Western U.S. is going through a severe drought right now. By some estimates, each household could save 2,500 liters of water per year per person if we all peed in the shower once a day instead of the toilet.

3. It gets you cleaner.
Ever wonder who decided we should use paper to clean up after doing our business? Dry paper just kind of smears things around and for women, wiping back to front can introduce bacteria into the urethra causing a painful infection. Water is much better at cleaning…dirt…out of cracks and crevices. And there’s plenty of water in the shower.

4. It keeps bathrooms cleaner, too.
Dripping, leaking or otherwise “misting” the toilet with urine is a nasty habit that plagues BOTH genders. Then you add gobs of toilet paper into the mix and BOOM–you’ve got a bathroom that requires a hazmat suit. Peeing in the shower goes a long way toward keeping the seat neat.

5. It’s good practice for the zombie apocalypse.
Or World War III. Or your next family camping trip. Fact is, there’s gonna be a time or two when you’ve got to pee and there’s not a toilet in sight. Peeing in the shower is the best way to perfect your form.

6. It’s liberating.
Most of us are good, law-abiding citizens who’d rather die than pop a squat outside a bathroom. So peeing in the shower is a way to be just a little bit naughty without doing any harm. Or scoring a $75 ticket.

7. It’s not as weird as you think.
An informal poll of nearly 10,000 people found that an overwhelming majority pees in the shower and/or has absolutely no problem with people who do.

8. It’s totally sanitary.
According to the Go With The Flow campaign, which encourages college students to conserve water by peeing in dorm showers, “As long as the water is flowing there is no hygiene risk as urine is sterile…”