Trade pokemon via a gameboy link cable a the internet with tcpoke

As originally posted on retrocollect


We’re sad to say that the era of meeting up with friends to battle and trade through link cables is long gone. That said, those still hoping for this traditional method of multiplayer gaming are in luck. The newly announced TCPoke project allows those with the right hardware to trade amongst themselves through the internet with Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Before you get too excited and fire up your Game Boy, this new hardware hack is not as simple as forcing a link cable into a USB slot. The TCPoke uses a Teensy 2.0 Shield board correctly wired up to a Game Boy Link Cable – something which thankfully can be bought as a do-it-yourself kit through the project’s indie store. You’ll also need to have a Teensy too, the device which this new adapter plugs into.

Once you’ve assembled and soldered up this new hardware, you’ll be almost ready to go. Using provided software, you can turn the Teensy into a fully-fledge Pokemon trading system. Once connected to the provided app, you’ll be able to find other connected players who are looking to trade.

Although anything but easy to set up, the TCPoke is definitely something the die-hard Pokemaniacs should look into and get trading on.