Disney Animals As You’ve Never Seen Them Before…

as originally posted on galleryroulette.com

We’re all accustomed to seeing Disney princesses donning unlikely garb and taking on new identities, but nothing they’ve ever done is as unsettling as these anthropomorphic Disney animals!

British based artist, Gary Anderson, has imagined some of our favorite Disney critters donning more human-like physiques, and the results are truly bizarre… Not to mention even more scientifically inaccurate than they need to be!

So, If you can look past the fact that the ladies don’t have at least four pairs of breasts and the baffling (but merciful!) lack of genitalia, then roll up to the newest Disney freak show in town!

She’s A Lady


Lady is smashing the stereotypes that body hair is unattractive. You go girl!

Only A Real Tramp Would Go Out Looking Like THAT!


Yes, yes I know you have strong and muscular thighs from repeatedly legging it from the cops with sausages in your mouth, but can you put them away already?!

You Have Eye Disease, If You Please


I know you sang a mediocre song, ladies, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with this. My eyes!

Dainty Duchess


Okay, I admit it, I’m kind of jealous of that tail.

Oh My, O’Malley!


Muscular arms like that should never, ever end in paws!

Minxy Mittens


I can totally understand if you want to Bolt right now…

The Lion Thing


It’s okay Simba, I won’t tell the rest of the pride about your side job…