Dealing with the Holidays

This time of year when Thanksgiving, Christmas, Midwest Furfest and yes my birthday. Has ALWAYS not been easy for me. I know when it began back when I was still just a kid and could barely get anyone to show up to my birthday party. Which reached a peaked the same year my father passed away, when nobody showed up period.

I did not even acknowledge my own birthday for the next 20 years because of this. I even told my own mother if she even gave me a slice of cake I would toss it on the floor. It really hurt, I know kids can be cruel.

Well anyway over the years I dealt with everything I mentioned…usually by ear. But I had my brother helping me, after my mother suddenly passed away.

Then on top of everything my brother died 2 years ago from cancer, and I been on my own since then. It certainly has not been that easy. Keeping myself really busy helps, I know some might say I am running away from the real issues. But hey you deal with stuff as they come.

Is there any real answer for those like me who wish this time of year was over. I am sorry to say no, it’s just going to get worse, and in 2 months we have to deal with whatever kind of winter we get.

To be totally honest I am like I am at this time of year. Not too certain what I am going to do. But I know I will survive, I guess that is what really counts. Thankfully I got my work to keep me busy, and even though my birthday is on a day I usually have off, I think I might even put a couple of extra hours in. To keep my mind off of my troubles.