The Ultimate Puzzle – A NSFW Story by Ahmar Wolf Based upon Arena by Issac Asimov

An anthro red wolf wakes up naked on the floor, alone and just in his fur in a all white room with a pounding headache. His name is Ahmar sometimes agent, but most of the time a a merchant who travels between worlds offering, if not illegal but almost legal merchandise that is generally not available on their world for whatever the legal issue.

With his headache now some how easing. He looks around to assess his situation. Naked and unarmed, he is in all white room that contains a platform bed, something that looks like a sink that is attached to the wall opposite the bed, and a toilet which he needs to use. He just hopes this white object that feels like some plastic was made to piss in as he really has got to go.

Standing in front of it he starts to urinate, his mind comes up with possible scenios for his capture. But still he feels like he had way too much party last night, even though it was at least a week ago. But it sure was fun, it wasn’t very often he gets invited to an orgy. Let alone by one of his customers. Especially being at one that encouraged everyone to leave there clothes and inhibitions at the door.

Among the other guests was a midanor, a reptilian race with a tongue that doesn’t quit. He learned that one the hard way when one tried to choke him with their tongue, by winding it’s way down his throat. But she had this figure that wouldn’t quit. perfect tits and all the right curves and a pussy eager to be eaten. Best of all she was open to anything, but agreed to curb her tongue, given his bad experience. Expect when it came to his rod and balls. He almost cummed off, before done her. His rod was as hard as it ever was, throbbing with every beat of his heart for what lay between he lovely legs.

Coming up from beneath her and she just spread her legs wide open was a bit much. But when he found her clit, and he knew their rep for sex. He knew a good fuck would soon happen. Standing in a corner with her legs wrapped around his hips with his rod deep inside her. He heard about the muscles they use for when they lay their eggs. But it was incredible, it felt like she was giving him a blowjob as he grinded her, and it was far better than what she could do with her tongue
When he finally released his load, it was all over her, him and the floor. But nobody seemed to care as the same thing was happening all around them.
Expect for this pair of lesbians from the very bird like race called Calidious. He wasn’t the only one watching as their mating was more like a dance, than a an actual act of reproduction. They used their long beaks to stimulate one another. Which seemly never stopped.
Like the figure on the female raccoon, who was also the bartender. By the way she was just as naked as the rest of them and eager to show it off. Skilled both behind the bar, and the act of sex, she wanted everyone to see. You wanted a sour, she really gave you a sour. It really puckered your mouth…you wanted something spicy you got that was well.

Ahmar now remembered he had plans on screwing her, but why didn’t he?!!!

Then he remembered her name “Shantai”, she was a red wolf like himself. It was the way she flicked her tail that drove him wild. Despite having an erect cock, and it throbbing for her womanamelyness. He wondered is she wasn’t from his world, she said “No”. But their was something about this woman that drove him crazy, maybe it was her scent. But he was a man, she was a woman. Like anyone of their species, they really didn’t care for foreplay. If can call licking her anus and vulva a few times and that was it. Also he admits coming up from behind her as he fully had a grip on her tail, as he pulled her closer. Once he drove his manhood past the lips of her vulva and they tied. He was in heaven.

It had been too long since he had mated with another wolf. Okay so he acted more like a jackhammer and they drew a crowd with their moans of passion. It really didn’t matter to either of them. He was willing and so was she…who cares.

But once he was spent, no more cum to release. They had a chance to talk, because they both knew it would be a while before they were able to separate.
What did she say again, oh yeah. “I am a professional photographer”. “That’s a rare thing these days as their are so many automatic devices”, Ahmar observes. “But I am better than a machine”. “Oh yeah, you were good”. “Please stop thinking of your penis, I mean I can choose the right light and the right subject, and turn the subject into a work of art. Ever thought of doing a bit of nude modeling?!!” Shantai said hopefully. “No, but I wouldn’t mind if I could talk to you about joining me”, Ahmar said. “What are you talking about, we are already joined. I figure for at least another 15 mins”. “I love you…to be apart of my crew. I travel to worlds the likes of which can defy your imagination”.” Give me an example” she insisted on as she folded her arms. “Crystalline waterfalls, where what comes down sparkles like moonlight, and bubbles like champagne”. Sceptical, “I bet the net thing your going to tell me it’s poisonous”. “No it’s sweeter than the finest wine, and safe enough to give a baby”.

Some how he can’t remember her answer, only that a short time later he was up in her apartment and they were soon tied once again. Which happened more than a few times…each time better than the one before.

A confirmed bachelor all of his life, Ahmar was thinking about doing the impossible. Asking Shanai to marry him. For she was all he could ever think of. The way she moved, the way she even talked. Her cooking skills, which she would always say was horrible, she really wasn’t that bad. In fact she was intovate, really into spices. Which he wasn’t up to then. Shantai was something that filled a whole in his heart.

Trying to recall what was his last memory before waking up here, the pair of them were up in a beautiful cliff side. He and Shantai was having a picnic, he was planning to ask her to marry him. She was in a almost nothing there flowered dress, while he was in hiking gear. He remembers feeling a bit dumb and that was when she asked him to pulled out a bottle of wine from the picnic basket. To make amends he offered to remove his clothes. He liked it when she removed her dress, that was when she asked him to open the bottle. Worse yet he opened it and poured himself the very 1st glass. He suddenly felt quite stupid as he realized she stole his ring.

He then walked to a wall and banged his head against the wall 3 times. Before realizing this wasn’t helping anything.

The next thing he did was pace back and forth while rubbing his eyes until he suddenly stopped and had this big smile upon his face. “Look whomever got me, I am hungry and your superiors wouldn’t gone through all this trouble to take me. If all you wanted to do was let me starve to death. I want a chicken sandwich on really good wheat bread, lightly toasted. Mayo on one slice, clow slaw on the other. 3 slices of tomatoes, not the small ones, but the really big ones. and 2 kosher pickles on the side and I don’t mean spears I mean whole pickles, the more garlic the better. I also want a glass of orange juice. You better hurry up I feel faint”. Then he pretended to loose his balance, until finally falling back on to the bed.

He knew some of those items could only be found on Earth. If this was an advanced enough civilization, they would know what he was talking about.
But in the meantime he hamed it up by acting as if he was going to faint from hunger.

This went on for an at least an hour and 20 minutes before at table and chair were teleported in to his room. Then his food, all as Ahmar thought to himself, “Level 4 of tech on the Carnack scale. That doesn’t narrow down my list of suspects”

The food was good, but not perfect.

He had an idea, it really was a gamble. But he had no choice but to act upon on it.

Since he stuck in the knife in so to speak, it was time to twist the blade.

As he stood and then walked away from the table, “You should I eat 6 light meals a day, and I bet I been around this galaxy more times than you ever been. I know what I like, and just wait to my next order”.

Slowly counting to himself 1…2…3…4…5, “That’s enough!!!”, a voice shouted. “You will get what we give you and do what your ordered to do”. Ahmar just smiled as he sat there on that bed, “Then it looks as if I am going to starve myself to death”, he then leaned forward and added, “Look, we both know why you captured me, my perfect record. I did this by following my own rules, and I only kill if I had a good reason. If you think you can order me around, you might as well release me right now. Hey, if my own government can’t get me to follow their rules, what luck your going to have. Tell that to your superiors…cocksucker!!!”

Ahmar then just leaned back against the wall. Waiting for the answer he knew was coming

“Okay we agree to your demands, after you do this job. We will return you”, a voice said.

Suddenly Ahmar got very angry, “You wouldn’t be the Mercor, sick perverts. It seems the only way they get their jollies is taking over someones mind as they relive a memory about having sex. They did that to me once, and let me make this very clear to everyone who is listening. If anyone of you are them. You will not be alive soon after I am free as I will track you down and murder you in the worst way possible”. This time he didn’t have to wait for an answer, “No, no I assure you none of us are Mercors” came from a voice filled with panic. Ahmar just spit, “Tiny cocks, big headed, grey bastards”.
“Who are you anyway”. “The only thing my superiors will allow me to say on this matter is that we are not Mercors”. “Okay, lets say for now I trust you. What’s the job?”. “A simple killing”. “Against whom?”. “We call them Mudbloods”. Ahmar just sighed in frustration, “I can’t go killing someone, unless I know their weakness. What is there Encyclopedia Galactica species Ident Code”. “They don’t have one, but they are up for consideration”. Ahmar just rolled his brown eyes, “I am dealing with idiots. Same question…What does the fucking thing Look like you shitheads!!!”. “You’re language”. Ahmar just shook his head, for getting a language lesson from his kidnapper was the stupidest thing he had ever experienced in his entire life.

“We decided to show you an image of one”. What he saw totally stunned him, it was like a cross between The Thing and the Incredible Hulk. Massive humanoid with thick elephant like grey skin, with 3 fingers at the end of their massive arms. To Ahmar it looked as if they could bend a steel beam with no problem. Meanwhile it’s legs looked as if it could support a small building. There was no hair on it’s entire body, the same could be said, no neck or even toes.

Not even certain what to ask, “Is that a male or female?” “It makes no difference they both look the same, their genitals lie in a slit near their pelvis”. Ahmar knew it was going to take brains to get out of this one. “Okay could you tell me a little about their planet”. “It has wild temperature swings it ranges from +200 to -200, it has few wild creatures. They are vegetarian, they eat what little plants they grow upon their world. They also eat the slime that grows in the sheltered places on their planet. The important factor is that they agreed to a final battle their champion vs. ours”. “Oh this explains so much, your having a war and it’s a stalemate”. “You can see why we wanted you and your perfect record”.

As Ahmar’s attention turned to the image, “I need that image enlarged and scrollable”. “Done”. As Ahmar was examining the image, “You know that agent, who you arranged to drug me, has had it. I am getting my pound of flesh one way or another after this”. “Do what you like with her, she was just hired for the job”.
The closer he looked Ahmar didn’t like what he saw. A brow ridge over it’s one or 2 eyes (as he couldn’t tell how many it had. Made attack on the eyes impossible. No nose the same, and it’s mouth looked toothless. “Humanoid tank”, he mumbled to himself. Pardon”. “Be quiet, let me think. Bring me a table with whatever kind of fruit you got. I need to think”. He said as he waved his hands.

Ahmar would later learn the battle was set on a planet, except for a few plants was totally devoid of life. It had rough rocky outcroppings, and sheer canyons. But by 9 days later when they were in orbit around this world. Ahmar insisted on one very last thing, “I need a translation device, and a similar one given to my opponent”. His captors asked “Why?!!” His answer “To torment my opponent”. But boy if they could read his thoughts, he had another plan all together.

Teleported directly to the surface of planet it was as they said. There was nothing save for a few boulders and bare ground. There was no scent of any other lifeforms any where. But when that translation device suddenly appeared at his feet. Ahmar set his real plans in to motion. First up was smash that device, which was easy to do as there was so many large rocks around. He also knew it was the only way they could track him. Once he moved which he quickly did. He could see by the way dirt was missing they were looking for him.

But his species were predators, and he was a well trained tracker. He know where the so called Mudblood was located. It took him less than 5 minutes to track it down. It was in a nearby valley, just past the next rise. But what happened next totally surprised that “Mudblood”. Slowly walking towards it, he said, “I am truly sorry for any misunderstanding. I hold no ill will towards you or your species” That was when that so called ‘Mudblood brought that translation device to it’s mouth and said, “You are a male”. “I am, and you”. “Female, I am sorry for my reaction it is seldom for my species to come across a male with both a penis and scrotum. I guess they told you about my world”. “Expect the stuff that was important, like the name you call yourselves, the name of the planet and of course the ones that kidnapped me” The last bit of news surprised the creature, “You mean your not here of your own free will?!! But they said” “My ship is back on Carcus, I am a licensed merchant and trader. The name is Ahmar”. “Mine is She Rock”. “Nice to meet you She Rock, you understand the Universal greeting of a fist bump”, “Yes” and Ahmar smiled as they fist bumped.

“Could you fill me in”. “My species is called Javoc, we are from..I don’t think you will understand the location measurements we use”. Suddenly Ahmar understood, “Oh the Javoc, your having issues with the Dureen”. “Once we made contact with them they promises food and medicine to help my kind for the mineral riches my humble world has to offer”. “Let me guess they cheated you”. “Sadly yes”. “The Dureen are money grubbing bastards and that is the nicest thing anyone could say about them. No reputable merchant will have anything to do with them. They cheat everyone”. “When we refused to keep our part of the bargain, they declared war. My people has suffered badly, they released something in to the air of my world. My kind is dying”.

“You have my word of honor I will see right all wrongs done to your species”. Ahmar then gave She Rock a hug, she then started to cry. “I need to get back to your ship, and your communication device in about 15 minutes those bastards will be paying for it big time”.

Ahmar then set out a one word message “HELP!!!!”, sure enough the next thing they knew a battleship was nearing the planet, and a message sent, “What is the emergency Agent Ahmar”, and he told them everything. “Hold on the Dureen ship is trying to run, I think a blast to disable it’s engines will stop them.
Finally aboard the battleship and being handed a robe by a soldier brought old memories. He was once a soldier, not a very good one. But he was a soldier with fond memories to Ahmar. The Commander was saying to She Rock, “We have a ship already in orbit around your world. We have already identified the virus and counter measures are already taking place”. “Thank you, how can i ever repay you”, She Rock said. “i am a soldier and it’s my duty to protect the innocent and help when are where we can.

Finally it was Ahmar’s turn, “So Commander what is the Dureen going to charged with”. “It isn’t what they are going to charged with. It seems they violated nearly every law in the book. The entire Senate will be deciding whether the planet should be isolated and for how long”. She rock seemed confused by that word, “Isolated”. “In this case, no one will be allowed to come and go as they please. They will loose all the rights to space travel and it could be that way for 100s of years”. She Rock laughed and then tired to hug the Commander. who let her after Ahmar explained what she wanted, who then relented.

Ahmar standing by She Rock’s ship in the shuttle bay, “Your species needs you, and would it be possible to see you in 7 days. I need to wrap up some personal business first, where we could talk about a truly fair trade agreement”. “Where?” She Rock wondered. “My ship and I will be bringing a friend”. She Rock once again hugged Ahmar saying, “You are a true friend, so can you open your robe for me”. Everyone kinda laugh when he did it, but he knew someone who would be laughing very long.

Tracking down Shantai was almost too easy, she had left Carcus and went to Durian. A truly lovely world of nature. It seems it’s inhabitants 100s of years ago decided to move all the things that was damaging there world to space and leave the world so it could heal. Which it did magnificently. It was truly the garden spot of the entire sector. It was there by a waterfall when Ahmar who was dressed in a T shirt and jeans when he suddenly came upon her, “We could make this easy or hard”. That was when she started to attack him. Blow after blow, all of which was stopped by Ahmar, who then let loose with blows of his own. When she was stunned, he then used a sleeper hold on her.

Short time later Shantai was tied to his bed just in her fur, handcuffs around her wrists and leather restraints around her ankles.

Meanwhile Ahmar stood over her smiling.

How could he even admit to himself, or let alone her. He still was in love even after all that has happened.

When Shantai finally awoke after she tried her restraints, before seeing Ahmar and spat on him. Before screaming “Let me go!”. He then sat down next to her on the bed and started to play with her tail. “Let go of my tail”. “I assume you heard what happened to your former bosses” Ahmar started to explain. “Oh I know what this is all about, I turned you down when you asked me to be your companion. Look it’s like I explained, I have jobs I have to do and I need to get to Altair ASAP. Some dignitaries want there image taken”. Ahmar shook his head no, “It’s not all about you kidnapped me. I out smarted them, and your formers bosses are up shit creek with the powers that be”. Shantai smiled as she suddenly figured something out, “If this was about revenge why am I naked, and why is your fly open”. As Ahmar stood up and went to fasten it, “I just forgot that’s all”. “I really have these other jobs to do, I can give you a list of names you can check out”, Shantai insisted. “Now please let me go and return my clothes.

Ahmar once returned to the bed where he sat down and started stroking the fur on her stomach. “I appreciate the attention, but really are you now going to rape me”. That seemed to snap Ahmar out of whatever trance he was him, as he now stood, “Look I have never raped a woman in my entire life and I am not about to start. But what the fuck happened to that ring I was going to give you”. “I am truly sorry I hurt your feelings, they say sometimes men are blind to someones true feelings. There I go doing the same thing. It’s at my hotel, The Star Plaza in the hotel’s safe”.

Ahmar then just left the room.

Only to return with the handcuff key.

“I guess this explains everything, I might as well as let you go. We are only in orbit above the planet. I can get you back to your hotel, I guess you just give me the ring back and we call it over” He then unlocked her cuff and went back to his control room, after saying, “Your clothes are under the bed”. This was where he sat down on the chair feeling rather dejected.

Shantai then entered the room, still very much in her fur. “What, you couldn’t find your clothes?”
“Ahmar I just been plan dumb, I don’t listen to anyone, especially my own inner voice”, Shantai kinda of laughed. As she moved closer to where he was sitting, “I want to admit a couple of balanant lies. I was in fact born on the home world. Like you I am just as use to being naked as I am wearing clothes”. “And the other”, Ahmar sighed. That was when she sat on his lap, “I really do love you. I wish I could apologize to you for the rest of my life. Ahmar you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I was too stupid to even admit that to myself”.

“This wouldn’t be a lie would it”, a now hopeful Ahmar wonders. Shantai’s only answer was a kiss, which she repeated over and over.
With her still sitting on his lap, “I do have to go back to our homeworld. It seems I going to get this award. You know our people they like making a big deal when someone ends a war”. Shantai was happy, “How good for you”. Ahmar almost hesitated before saying, “Will you be my guest, stand with me as I tell my story. After I am given the medal”. With that said she kissed him once again.

Ahmar was surprised when Shantai turned on the communication system, “What’s this about?”. “I just thought, you like to arrange details so we could get married”.
It took him a couple of seconds before he realized his dream was about to come true. They then kissed once again.
As Ahmar would say later on his home world, “Life is an adventure, you never know what twists and turns it will make or even how it will conclude. But that what makes it so fun”.