The Furry Raiders — The Truth

What happened to the Furry Raiders in Colorado is a absolutely prime example of furry drama. That became evident after speaking to a representative of the group earlier today. It seems it began with a group of furry friends set up Furry Raiders as a support group for furries. Even going so far as to offer free space at hotel rooms. So those who could not afford to go could.

Lets talk about what has been seen on Twitter of how the Furry Raiders took 25% of the block RMFC set aside for the con. As a famed scientist once said, “There are truths in numbers”. The hard fact is this, RMFC reduced it’s block by nearly half. Given the space the Furry Raiders had reserved the numbers worked out to 25% after the reduction.

So what went wrong, I blame our educational system. It seems they didn’t know the historic symbolism of Germany’s arm band from WW2. The the furry drama started when people started assuming bigotry and hatred. Which has caused some members to quit. After hatred was lashed upon it’s members. Including threats of destroying their fursuits.

I offered to put their side of the issue on my blog for a matter of fairness.

There rep mentioned that “We are furries, we should be thinking on a more enlightened type of mind. Excepting things as they are without any preconceived conventions. This matter proves how human us furries really are.


Since this seems to be trending I thought I better Update this given the light of recent events at RMFC. When the Furry Raiders was given as one of the 3 reasons RMFC shut it doors.

Since this article was posted back in April 2016, I have heard from several former members and speaking of which also included a good friend who had no choice but to leave Colorado after threats made to them by current members. As much as they will deny this publically as in the article in Rolling Stone I have heard of multiple reports from former members of threats, racism, and did you know a couple of their members had been arrested for defacing a synagoge.

As much as I try and given everyone the benefit of the doubt, I have no doubt that the Furry Raiders are in fact a hate group.

Mind you this is just a rumor, but I do trust the source. It told of how members of the Furry Raiders replaced members of the RMFC staff (Under threat of violence) to control who would enter certain areas such as panels and events. But beyond just checking out badges, try race and religion. That sounds like a NAZI to me, also the threats they made against me had turned my opinion on them around.

I will not condone hate in any form. The Furry Raiders are NAZI Furs and a hate group.