A Call for Help

I like to help out everyone, which is the reason I volunteer. So in that spirit I like to help out another furry.

Chas the Panware


Emergency Commissions for Medical

Ok Guys I know I got some que but I’m going to be pushing myself. My partner and I cant afford to wait on his Surgery so I will be hosting an Emergency Art Sale for funds.

I’m doing this cause if I don’t he could die in his sleep. He needs an Uvulectomy. I will be a little slow on anything digital.

So heres the prices.(Paypal Only)

$5 Sketch Headshot
$10 Colored Headshot sketch
$10 Full body Sketch
$15 Colored Fullbody Sketch

Badges w/mail and lamination
$25 Head,
$30 Bust,
$35 Waist,
$40 Knee,
$45 Full Body

For Other work,
Wood work, Figurines, Posters, Realism.
see prices here, or ask for a quote.

Please share. Anything will help.