Telephone Scams

Jokes could be made here, but I won’t because this is a very serious subject. It seems more and more are falling for telephone scams. It seems if someone cold calls you, that person believes everything that is told to them.

For example and this is a joke btw

I am now offering prime locations on the planet Mars. Be the first to discover it’s secrets, who knows what you might find hidden there. Maybe some lost piece of alien technology, or your own personal UFO.

Contact Me for details: Yiffytimes @ Gmail dot com


I put in my real email address in to see how many will respond to this joke.

But in all seriousness it doesn’t matter who they are or what they say they are IRS, Windows Service Center, GOD. Yes GOD, that is what a neighbor told me. This includes popup ads and fake sites saying you got a virus. All asking for all your money.

But let’s not forget if you’re seeing popups on your desktop, there is already something nasty installed on your PC. You need to turn it off and go to a PC Repair Tech ASAP, and not call that phone number that popup is directing to you.

People are falling for this obvious scam at a growing rate.

No one is asking themselves one simple question, “How did they get my phone number?”. You should know the IRS, doesn’t call anyone. They send out letters. Okay so how did Microsoft get your phone number? With the number of cellphones in use, including burner phones. The odds of even you finding your closest friend’s phone number without asking is higher than you winning the MegaBall Lottery. If you’re thinking I am joking about that, try it. Without using a pay service, those are scams as well…in case you didn’t know.

Really all those supposed people from the Windows Service Center want is to take your money and put viruses and malware on your computer to steal your personal info.

Haven’t you heard ID Theft is on the rise. You have to be careful, which even extends to your cellphone. Most people think a simple password can block anyone from stealing your personal info. Ask any tech, after they stop laughing. Any expert can break in to even the most secure cellphone in less than 5 mins. The only answer to this is software that turns your phone into a brick if it ever gets stolen.

ID Theft is the #1 reason Cellphones are stolen and those thieves really don’t care if they rip it away from your cold dead hands. Let another reason to keep your phone in your pocket, or purse.

This is real, unless you really believe I have property on sale for prime Martian locations.