Rainfurrest Board Members will Never Admit the Truth

I was checking out a few sites today to see what I could post. When I came across this article it was mentioned on Flayrah.com It was an interview with a former Rainfurrest Board Member Gene Armstrong THE ARTICLE Given my recent experiences with former board members of Rainfurrest. The only thing I will mention about the article it was to dispel the myths about furries coming from a former Rainfurrest Board Member. Who only blamed the 1% of the trouble makers for why the con closed. You notice I said closed instead of imploded The Truth can be found HERE Yet another board member who refuses to say the truth that they totally screwed up. That he and other board member are at least 80% responsible for what happened. Anyone who ever saw any of the closing ceremony vids from that year can clearly see that. And despite all their hopes otherwise Rainfurrest is DEAD. That no hotel in the NW will even think about hosting a furcon, and if they do they want a $250,000 bond in case of any damages. Since no organization can come up with a huge amount I really don’t see any new furcons in that region in the foreseeable future.