The Reality of the Internet

Some might of complained of me posting someone else’s work, I could list 3 sites that on purpose removes any artist credit on the images that they post. I really think someone is a hypocrite when they talk about Internet Etiquette. Reason being so much I see blatantly violates copyright laws, and really I am not joking I seen only 2 sites that obeys the law. Then there is a lot of this fan art, yes I am including the sex comics. That the copyright holder can slap on a cease and desist order but rarely ever does…even on YouTube. You think furry art is sometimes creepy, try the My Little Pony or Sonic the Hedgehog fan art. As soon as I see a MLP sex comic, I go in the opposite direction. I read one once…never again.

I admit it’s hard to know what to do sometimes. With someone telling you this, someone else tell you that. Next thing you know you get 5 people telling you 5 different things…all the while 1 is shouting “You are going to jail for posting that”. One hardcore fact small time movie pirates never go to jail. They just pay a small fine and continue to sell their DVDs. I got that straight from a cop…who honestly would know.

The Internet is really a wild place, while some claim it otherwise. Image hosting sites run by hackers. Spammers literally taking over a forum, driving all of it’s members away. Even this blog of mine, 20000 spams blocked in 7 years and add nearly 14000 more that get pass the filter. This month alone I had to delete nearly 900 spam comments. It honestly has gotten so bad I automatically assume a comment is spam. Although some are clever, hiding a good comment in spam, but it’s the email address they have to post that flags them. I won’t say how, but WordPress has that built in.

With the advent of Ransomware hitting more and more sites, and good tools that tackle the problem are showing up. You get these popups some claiming you picked up some virus, then asking you to call a phone number. 99.999% are fake there is only 1 way to handle this. Turn off your PC ASAP. Look even if it is a virus the longer you have it on that site, the greater the risk you have of downloading it. It’s just common sense, which I think a lot of artist and writers including myself often forget about. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. Anything you post can be reposted, it’s all a matter of a simple mouse click. Really you just have to go by your own judgment most of the time. Right or wrong, we all have to live.