Furry Migration 2016 Dance Comp: BioHazard

Minnesota furry convention 2016 parade

Jim Hardman’s Ups and Downs Review and Download


Frankly looks at something that was brought up by furries when Zootopia came and that is cross species fucking. Although created many years before that film it features an anthro male cat, he fucks or attempts to fuck a porcupine, another female cat, skunk, horse, raccoon, vampire bat, giraffe, lioness, ferret, dog, kangaroo, wolverine, alligator, bald eagle, bear, and lastly a dragon. All attempts are done with a good sense of humor, and the story although not overtly sexy, it is entertaining.

10 out of 10

What I have posted is a combined issues of the 3 that were printed.

Which can be found here

Not a Pokemon Fan

by Tim Buckley


The Godzilla Facepalm