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Trump and Hate

One commentator said yesterday it’s isn’t the KKK we should be worried about. The kkk is going to be the real issue with Trump as president. Meaning is racists who feel, that given what their glorious has said they feel it is perfectly legal to attack anyone based upon race or religion. Think I am joking, this one cop told me he was asked several times “When is it going to be legal to hunt Muslims”. There has been incidents in my own neighborhood of people vandalizing property, thinking it’s okay to do so. There is this one apt building near me that had their outside water tap broken so many times. The owner had it removed, why because the owner of that building is a muslim, like my own landlord has to deal sometimes with people pissing in the halls and crapping or causing other damage to his building for the very same reason. Before anything even thinks anything else, everyone that has been arrested that caused this damage were Trump supporters, and not on welfare.

No exceptions.

One last thing Trump supporters for the most part think they are right and everyone is wrong. Take this one jerk on Facebook who is now making death threats against me for expression my opinion. They have called me a muslim, a liberal and being on welfare. Geez when one stereotype isn’t good enough for you.

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