The Ranting Gryphon Banned at AC

I fully admit I don’t know the full story, the AC board hasn’t made a statement over this matter and the only one is from The Ranting Gryphon himself, who is a furry shock comic.

The facts are these AC announced yesterday that The Ranting Gryphon got banned from AC. Really even according to insiders they are unsure if The Ranting Gryphon was scheduled to perform or was hosting a panel.

When the Furry Raiders asked their members to complain to AC about this matter. It really left me confused, as they are a known hate group. I have received dozens of eyewitness statements about very public rants over race and religion. Believe me when I say this, none of which I could post here.

Then there is reports of harassing former members, someone of which had to get protective orders. A good friend who tried to start a business in Colorado home to this hate group. Would up leaving the state because he openly disagreed with their ideology, and begun to be harassed by fellow members.

Getting back to The Ranting Gryphon, no one has made a clear reason why he was banned. Not even him, and I won’t even guess why. I guess I am just going to have to leave this as a mystery until someone actually says something that makes sense.