Bedfellows Frenzy

I for one am a huge fan of Bedfellows, I even once reposted the comics and videos here until it’s creator stopped making them. But now us fans have a new reason to love Bedfellows again. Bedfellows Frenzy, currently available on Steam it’s a cross between the classic game “Rampage”, with the weird sick and twisted humor of Bedfellows.

On a personal note…the game is pure fun.
You can get it HERE

The 10 Best Zootopia Fan Comics whose videos I love have collected the 10 Best Zootopia and Zootopia related fan comics they are worth checking out HERE

Reason why The Ranting Gryphon Performance was Cancelled

Believe me with these days of people being sensitive, while both cons and their hotels have to be on the watch for any trouble. Is it no wonder this happened, it seems someone found some fairly harsh remarks The Ranting Gryphon posted on Reddit

A B&W St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick Stewart Day