Going on Record: Hate Groups

#Stopthehate More and more I see more hate than I have ever seen in my entire life. I finally decided to go on record as one of them the Furry Raiders and it’s members have let me know that they are following me. If you’re a member or support any hate group including the Furry Raiders. Stop following me, I can’t support you and frankly I don’t need it. In these days where it looks to some of us that we are on a verge of civil war after the King of The Haters Trump got elected as Boss IE President.

The hate stops here and now. Support the ACLU.

JMoF 2017 Dance Competition – 12 – Finale

Furry Gallery – NSFW

by Sky Pyran

By Kencougr

by Ollie Canal

by Ollie Canal

The Ranting Gryphon Commentary

Here it’s been a couple of days since Anthrocon announced that The Ranting Gryphon won’t be appearing. But yet the drama remains…furry drama always does that.

Besides an excellent article on Dogpatch Press nothing much has been said except for a fact that preformers at any con generally only get there room comped, and maybe a couple of meals. I have learned this is even true of Anthrocon. But yet The Ranting Gryphon goes on, think I am joking check his Twitter page. He is single handedly making more of this than deserved, which got me thinking…

Before all of this I never heard of The Ranting Gryphon before, and an informal survey on social media yield the same result. No one heard of him before not even regular visitors of Anthrocon.

This is what got me thinking, then maybe all of this was The Ranting Gryphon’s idea. In a way to get his name out there…even his supposed trip to the hospital for nervous exhaustion. I have yet to see one post anywhere that even remotely confirms this. Is this man so shallow that in order to get his name out there he is over doing something that most people won’t even think twice about if it happened to them.

Only time will tell…


Fat Cat