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Furry Drama Running Rampant

…and I don’t mean what is going on with the The Ranting Gryphon at this very moment. You see the facts are these I left a group on the Amino app recently for various reasons. The biggest was 20 mins of work for just 5 views on my posts, and generally not being liked that much. Keep in mind this is after reminding the owner of this one group to be PC if they wanted new members…which really hasn’t helped especially after a series of Twitter posts they made. I call it really bad judgement, if they aren’t racist they made themselves sound like they are.

Like this I want to say mod of this same group who goes by HF. I really don’t want to out them. But if they make a comment like that I deleted. Only because I have a rule against hate messages.

I for the record I do say The Furry Raiders are a hate group, considering the content of the messages they once sent me.

Well anyway despite given permission to post them, this HF wanted all their posts down. Given my experience with those type of people I felt it was best to cave into pressure…rather than be spammed again. But the real reason why they had been on this site for almost a year. I believe this happened because I bailed from the same group. 24 hours earlier.

I don’t want to sound like I am vindictive but…they really need to let this go. The past is the past and nothing can change that.

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