Genus issue 18 Review and Download

Living Doll by Paul Kidd, Kurt Wilcken & Frudeno Kuromaku

It is an interesting take on the story about the husband who chases anyone with a skirt. A plot of revenge makes this one woman to buy a living doll which really turns out to only be a costume to get this jerk in a position where they could be recorded so they could get fired. When the doll becomes his secretary.

Zen and the Art of Costume Management by The Brothers Grinn

It starts out as a story between a wanna be female superhero, is standing on a roof waiting for a crime to happen when this Batman like character arrives. Soon thoughts turn to sex, but when he can’t take his off for some reason. That is when she pulls out her sharp claws.

Felicia The Cat by Tabitha R. Jones and Dashe

I fully admit I don’t get this one about this woman in a plane leads to another with a box, who then is confronted by this guy and sometime during when they have sex he vanished or explodes I am really unsure.

You can both view and download it here