Editorial: Why RMFC Closed

It seems everywhere you look you find articles on why RMFC closed

One from The Denver Channel

The Daily Beast

A.V. Club

and so on

Lets break this down as they all give 3 reasons why the shut down.

#1 No Taxes Filed

I think there is a lost of confusion on this, I know some think it’s a non profit, why bother or the fact us furries don’t make a lot of money. The real reason is that this country loves paperwork. Hell even churches have to file returns. How does the Govt know what they are spending their cash on. You know if they IRS chooses someone will go to jail over this.

#2 The convicted pedophile on the board

Utter stupidity, in these days where we have to be careful what we even think. Having someone like that on your board is beyond stupid. I would even say Rainfurrest stupid.

#3 The Furry Raiders

Don’t you just love it when you got them saying they are not as bad as everyone thinks and you got eyewitnesses saying otherwise. Then there is that rumor from last years RMFC, of how under threat of violence they replaced certain members of RMFC staff to limit the movement of people based upon not if they had a badge, but race and religion. Even a couple of furry friends have gone on record saying they have heard members of The Furry Raiders shouting out messages of HATE. Speaking of which the threats they made against your truly…does not help their cause.

Believe me (Beware history lesson) everything I ever heard about The Burned Furs were far worse. Than these Nazi wannabes.

In short all of this mess, clearly shows that we furries need to police ourselves and we don’t need a group to do this. Take what I heard happened last year at MFF when a fellow furry drank too much. Other furries came to their aide, solved whatever problem they had, then put them to bed. My guess most who was their never heard this, which in my opinion is a good thing. We don’t need some group saying we have to conform to their set of rules. But instead we should have common sense to know if we cause issues that there is a price to pay. Like these certain troublemakers at the very last Rainfurrest. Rumor had it they tried to get in MFF 2015 and was refused entry, and denied a room at any of the hotels. Like Home Movies so often says, “It’s Time to Pay The Price”.

The Furry Raiders – The Truth 4-15-2017 Update

Given the light of recent events at RMFC. Where the Furry Raiders are given as one of the 3 reasons RMFC shut it doors. I thought I better update an article I posted a year ago. The Furry Raiders – The Truth

Since this article was posted back in April 2016, I have heard from several former members and speaking of which also included a good friend who had no choice but to leave Colorado after threats made to them by current members. As much as they will deny this publically as in the article in Rolling Stone I have heard of multiple reports from former members of threats, racism, and did you know a couple of their members had been arrested for defacing a synagoge.

As much as I try and given everyone the benefit of the doubt, I have no doubt that the Furry Raiders are in fact a hate group.

Mind you this is just a rumor, but I do trust the source. It told of how last year members of the Furry Raiders replaced members of the RMFC staff (Under threat of violence) to control who would enter certain areas such as panels and events. But beyond just checking out badges, try race and religion. That sounds like a NAZI to me, also the threats they made against me had turned my opinion on them around.

I will not condone hate in any form. The Furry Raiders are NAZI Furs and a hate group.