The Easter that Almost Wasn’t

For 134 years there has been Easter celebration at the White House. Really I don’t know how it is going to turn out this year. When it took a reminder from the company that makes the wooden eggs, the White House uses aimed directly at Trump on Twitter. This was Wednesday, and yes I said and meant Wednesday April 12th. You know for the first time in 100 years it’s too late to send out invitations. The ones who will be there has to be called directly. Speaking of directly lets take the celebrities 2 performers that will be there. Even thought I could not find their names on any official site and ones that not even Jimmy Kimmel could find out if either one had agents and “a Sesame Street costumed character, and other fun events.” Is the only other thing the White House has confirmed. I doubt with that elimination of PBS, Sesame Street will be sending anyone there.

Oh by the way I almost forgot there won’t be any real eggs, it’s too late to get them.

If this is a prime example of how the Trumps will celebrate the holidays at the White House. I don’t hold out that much hope for any other holiday.

Hardee’s / Wendy’s Feud

It may of began with a verbal battle over who had the best $4 meal. But it has grown to a point that Hardess actually blocked Wendy’s on Twitter.