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RMFC Closing 4th Possible Reason

The more and more I think about the stated reasons why RMFC closed. The more and more it makes no sense at all. Ask anyone who was at RMFC last year like I did over the weekend. They all agreed that the Furry Raiders and any trouble they cause was so minor. Most never even heard about it, given the official release stating near riots. That doesn’t hold up, like security. You know MFF had a 30% increase in security and it didn’t cost them a dime. Reason being law enforcement was more than happy to provide the extra security at no cost, as long as it was apart of standard patrols. Another interesting turn of events came from a Colorado Tax Official, who stated they would be more than willing to work with RMFC to settle any and all issues. Which only leaves that board member. As long as they didn’t bother any children, no issue.

You can see as I broke it down the stated reasons, does not hold up. In fact I propose another reason why RMFC closed and that was mismanagement. Why do I say this, it comes down when they said security was going to cost more than the con can afford. That makes no sense for the reason I stated. Also hiring of private security only depends on the number of officers and hours they were scheduled to work.

Cons are extremely complicated to set up and run properly. Remember 90% of what you see is brought in, and usually it’s rented do to costs. I know this is just my theory but it makes more sense than anything else that had been mentioned.