I Am Sorry I over Reacted

With RMFC closing and my rough history with the Furry Raiders naturally I thought the worse. Believing the reports of near riots, and not checking out the facts. Which was as simple as posting something on Facebook. After someone clarified the trouble I posted earlier about members of the Furry Raiders taking over for the staff there. That is not completely true as I found out this morning. It seems that bit of trouble ended as soon as a threat of the police being called was made. Until I hear otherwise the last RMFC went smoothly really no problems except for minor ones. Which are as common as stray fake fur hairs around the hotel during a fur con.

I know there has been a couple of explanations to why RMFC closed and why did they post make such a wild post. Even 2 The Ranting Gryphon, and his problem with Anthrocon didn’t buy it. In fact using social media as a guide maybe something around 80% did not accept that explanation, although I admit it took time to get to that number.

I think it’s pretty much protecting their own reps, they rather blame something or someone else than standing up and admitting the truth. Take that issue I had with that former Rainfurrest board member. Talk about an insane reaction, but it took me a while to figure out why. The answer is simple, a statement of facts, combined with trying to save their own reputation. I think they don’t want to admit they completely screwed up somewhere.

I had this offer on the table for a member of Rainfurrest to do a one on one interview with me in text. So there would be proof of what really has been said. No takers, I now even extend this to RMFC board members. But like the other I seriously doubt anyone would take me up on the offer.

Speaking of which have you been to the RMFC site of late? They pulled the security certificate, which means your browser will get a warning you’re not going to a safe site. I think the site days are numbered.

If anyone was offended I hereby apologise