Howlett Fang Digging Themself Into a Hole

I once actually called Howlett Fang a friend, up until he turned on me. The reason being “Political Correctness”, in other words if even if you don’t mean to give the wrong message, DON’T USE THAT WORD!!! I found myself in the end of my stay at Furry Net (where Howlett Fang is seemly an admin or at least a mod), in a bit or controversy. It seems the site owner posted some racially charged hate messages on the site’s Twitter page and there had been some backlash. That is how I found about it on Facebook, and confronted the owner. Who as it seems wanted members…maybe antifa kind.

BTW those messages had been taken down.

Why, you might ask. It seems Howlett Fang did not like me telling the site owner how he should conduct himself. That was when he started to use the N word against me, and made an assumption about my race. He says DON’T BELIEVE what @chipfoxx @steampunkdrox and @DogpatchPress had to say. Actually I feel insulted he didn’t mention my site. He forgot I seen his darker side and frankly I want nothing to do with it ever again.

Then only recently he wanted to talk to me again, he even asked a friend. I say cold day in Hell if that ever happens. I can only assume he is in fact a racist, an antifa, or someone sadly with mental issues.