Social Justice Warriors on The Rampage!!!

I would personally like to see whomever wrote that press release for RMFC neck in between my 2 hands. Why…it really not hard to find post after post about this mess that surrounds RMFC. This does not concerns yesterday’s post but it what happened behind the scenes.

This has really brought out the worse of the fandom, normal people are seeing us as extremists. Think I am joking just as a co worker or a friend. I am almost ashamed to be called a furry after some of the posts I seen. Some that are on par of what came out of the Trials at Nuremberg or The Army-McCarthy Hearings. Being a history buff I see it is repeating itself when one furry calls another a NAZI or even a communist. We really need to take this down or I swear the fandom is going to implode.

I always thought the fandom was there so we could relax from the everyday stresses of our normal lives. Given the fact the US had elected a certified hater as president, and France is about to do the same. It is getting so bad, that I been thinking about even abandoning Twitter for a while. Meaning stop going to the site, and taking it off my phone. As messages of hate are seemly ruining Twitter for me. I make a point of Twitter as other sites are easy to pick and choose what I want to see.

Now for what happened yesterday, I was threatened with legal action for the mention of this one site in Perri Rhoades article. It’s not that she bashed it or called any of it’s admin’s haters. But was exactly the same as you would quote a Twitter or Fb post. Using them as a base for quoting what had been said on this one site, (which for obvious reasons I can’t mention). Nothing more, nothing less but this is how bad things has gotten. Site’s so nervous about being drawn into this mess they have to take legal action in order to protect themselves.

No wonder I am feeling so disgusted.

You know this same site has 571 comments on this mess as of this moment. 90% of which I would classify as hate messages…one side or the other. Some are saying communists should not even be allowed in the fandom, which an equal number saying the same for these so called Nazi furs. I have been thinking about writing an article apologizing to the Furry Raiders as I feel sorry them. This is despite all that happened between us, I have no love for them, but no one needs that level of hate against them. In my opinion it has literally has gotten insane. You know and I am serious about this, cons are so nervous about this they banned the wearing of arm bands. A friend told me about this little and I do mean little incident at C2E2. The arm band had nothing to do with this mess, it only had a pot leaf on it, and that person was told take it off or get banned. They wound up tossing it so they could enjoy the con. Really does anyone think that is fair.

I may not be the world’s greatest writer, and because of recent issues I struggle to write. Except when I am passionate about something.

We all need to calm down, or I feel there could be a fight breaking out at your favorite con which would be the end of it.

I heard of at least 6 cons which has gone on record saying if their was a riot…no more con.

Then you will be forever labeled as a con killer.

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  1. Personally, I have no problem with Communists in the fandom, as long as they’re nice and not hurting anybody. I pretty much feel the same way about Nazis, but there are no real Nazis in the fandom. There are, however, a lot of people openly declaring themselves Communists, while displaying a sour disposition and a will to hurt people. It’s never the race or belief system I object to. It’s just never cool to be hurting people, no matter what one calls one’s self. And there does seem to be some major hypocrisy in expecting us to hate people who insist they’re not Nazis and obviously aren’t hurting anyone, but we’re not supposed to raise an eyebrow when those who self-identify as Communist take a sledgehammer to the fandom itself? If they didn’t do that they’d just be more diversity for the melting pot.

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