Being Independent and Being HONEST

Even though I do run Furry Times, and my opinion could be called slanted. I have lost all respect for Dogpatch Press. It has always been my policy to give everyone and I do mean everyone the benefit of the doubt. But lately dogpatch seems to be getting off of the realm of genuine news and getting in the realm of fake news and making a big deal out of something there isn’t. Really on dogpatch and all they are saying about RMFC. I have to ask “Was any of their so called witnesses actually there?” I have 2 furry friends who were actually there, I have seen their badges from that con so there is no doubt in my mind. I just want to scream “WTF is wrong for you?!!!” Have they gone into the realm of screaming out utter nonsense just so their site can get more views. Like a few who have said that about me, including ironically Patch O’Fur who runs the site.

You have to have integrity when you run any sort of news site. Okay I admit your emotions can run away with you sometimes, that is when you apologize to your readers, give a corrected version and move on, and not just keep shouting out the same utter nonsense.