If You Got Something To Say…

Recently I posted an article by Perri Prinz which for the first time in the history of this blog. Started a long list of comments, some I allowed, some I didn’t and for the following reasons. Even though it looks like I post everything here, I do have a set of rules I follow.

No Hate Messages, absolutely nothing that is currently available for sale, and so on.

But I am not saying I don’t bend the rules, which I have for Arkansas Fur, and the Furry Raiders. Not that I am a hardcore anything except to say. All Furries should be treated fairly, give everyone the benefit of doubt…at least once. Which is hard to do because there is so many extreme points out there. Most of which I am bucking the trend and not copying. To me why post something that is stupid to begin with like other sites. Whom I know are very well informed that what they are posting is bullshit and has nothing to do with the truth; In anyway shape or form. Okay I am aware my numbers are down slightly because of this. But I am not making a dime on this blog and besides someone has to be the voice of reason in all this chaos.

But I am forgetting the title to this post.

If You Got Something To Say…

Say it, I will give you a platform as long as you don’t openly bash some sites, as that is due to legal issues I have had with some of them. Or other posters, and I know I have to be careful on how I say this, in other words you disagree with them. Not to call them vulgar names simply because you disagree.

Contact me at editor@furrytimes.net and I’ll get in touch with you about an article you can create or even just send me an article. I will post unedited, but not unchecked for the previous reasons stated.