Dogpatch Press Editor Accused of FRAUD

I was so happy this morning when Perri Prinz posted is wonderful article on my Facebook page LINK It tells of how one Patrick Lane AKA Patch O’Fur AKA Editor and Cheif of Dogpatch Press is accused of forging Connor Cochran’s signature on a contract to deliver the works of Peter S. Beagle, who is know for The Last Unicorn and other great works.

As you might of imagined dear readers, I have taken a lot of heat over this RMFC matter, and then there is Perri Prinz whose article I posted, including a follow up over her assessment of what is slowly turning into one of the biggest embarrassing moments in the entire furry fandom in it’s history. Which has caused me to get a C&D from this one site I can not name, and getting a rather nasty email from Patrick Lane calling me an unthinking idiot among other things.

But now it turns out one of the major players who has been amping up the rhetoric has now been accused of FRAUD.

Which I have informed Fred Patten about this, and what happens with Mr. Patten’s articles for Dogpatch Press is strictly his business, but saying under the law, when someone is accused of fraud, you can pull your work. A smart lawyer could handle things for him with just a phone call.

I would also suggest to Patrick Lane in a public forum, that he should return all of Fred Patten’s submissions until this matter is settled one way or the other. Or is it he wants to take one of the founder’s of the fandom with him? Only time will tell.

Let’s look at the article once again HERE

I don’t want to come off sounding like a smug bastard over this matter. But I do Furry Times alone and rarely get any help, and I fully admit I miss things. But the one thing I know Dear Readers I will never be accused of FRAUD. I volunteer at a local VA hospital where I have met several Military Furs. Who I have the greatest respect for, and I would never do anything that would jeopardize me helping out the Veterans of this country. Who despite who is president always seems to get the short end of the stick.