In The Wake of Patch O’Fur’s dark secret

Someone gave me an interesting question yesterday on Facebook “How would I someone looking in my past?” I have an answer which I know someone of you wouldn’t expect. I have lead a boring life, the worse thing I ever gone to jail for is truancy. Really I was locked up for a good 2 months. I think this is where my claustrophobia comes from. In fact my life is so boring I actually passed a Federal Background check. But I also would add if anyone did find something. I know I would be treated 1000 times worse than Patrick Lane. Oh sure I have made mistakes in judgement on my blog. I call it a combination of lack of experience and really being excited over what I have found. But I have 2 really good examples of how I would be treated. Last year when I attempted to cover what REALLY killed Rainfurrest. I was spammed, not just a few..but 1800 in just 10 minutes if the spam filter on my blog is accurate. Then there was the 24 extremely racist comments I supposedly made in the Greymuzzle group I mod on G+. They set it up, if I blocked the user, I would block myself. Thankfully not a single member believed I was behind this and I did change my Google password. I still suspect the spam came from either that Rainfurrest board member, or the admin of the site I borrowed the article from. It’s hard to say this since I deleted any proof of this, was what happened when I did this series of articles on the Furry Raiders. I admit I posted what I read on Twitter and other social media. Which then lead to chat with their leader on Skype. But what happened after when I started to hear from former members about the harassment and orders of protection. I actually heard from one former member who actually moved from Colorado because the Furry Raiders made his life a living hell there. It was after I posted that the Furry Raiders started to send me emails, some containing some fairly nasty messages, including death threats. Yeah the bestiality spam really convinced me not to trust you ever.