All 26 Seasons of Doctor Who is Now Available for Streaming

In an article on they go on to talk about a new video streaming service called Brit Box where in for $6.99 a month you can stream many BBC and ITV series including 26 seasons of classic Doctor Who. Even those who love British series you hardly see today such as the Vicar of Dibley starring Dawn French of the original Blackadder starring the amazing Rowan Atkinson will be more than please. In fact they have so many series available for streaming it’s impossible to name them all. The only thing I can add is they have a free week trial, I say give it a try and I’ll leave it up to you if you want to keep it.

Dogpatch Editor Debate Goes On

In a story that seemly doesn’t end. It seems this morning I got a long winded commentary on how the editor of Dogpatch Press was innocent. The one who sent this comment included 2 links here is just ONE For the record I have heard this as this was really on the network news shows I sometime watch. Peter S. Beagle must be half the man he use to be to let someone like Connor Cochran to pull a scam on him. Yes, I am very well aware that care had been settled.

But here is my point, Patrick Lane’s name wasn’t mentioned in either post, I checked multiple times. But that link poses a rather interesting question. Why would Patrick Lane would be accused forging Connor Cochran’s name on a contract. When Connor Cochran had no legal standing with Peter Beagle as the court ruled.

One could argue it was over the talked about Tour. But there I find a problem, when you are dealing with someone who is older and health issues can arise literally at anytime. Why sign a contract, it makes no sense. Reason being according to a couple of managers of now closed book stores. No final agreement is made until a few weeks before the appearance. Even then there is a legal out for the author, sighting health or mental issues. I think that comment has more questions than answers. I for one will be looking forward to hearing Patrick Lane’s side of things when the promised article is posted to Flayrah. Like the problems that caused RMFC to close we will see if his explanation can stand up to a close examination.