Social Justice Warriors on The Rampage

No joke it was not until this year, 2017 that I first heard the term Social Justice Warriors. In fact when I first saw the initials SJW, I had to Google it.

Really in less than 10 days I went from not knowing what they were. To seeing the insanity of some of them first hand. Which sadly I have been seeing more and more in the comments of this blog. Each one touting they are right and I am 100% wrong. Believe me it’s hard to take them seriously when all they say is opinion or link to a site with the same or says something different.

Talk about shooting the messenger…

I know I could be shouting 1st Amendment. But that would wrong, it would be like building yet another wall…if you get my meaning.

Of late my blog seems to be both opinion and what has been posted on other sites, and I think I better explain what an opinion is.

For example this is an Opinion.

Like the following

Patrick Lane is a jerk and The Furry Raiders think they are above the social norm.

Meanwhile 2 The Ranting Gryphon has become a victim of his own complaints. I actually feel sorry for the guy. Because some of the personal comments made toward him has run the gamut, from feeling sorry all the way up to I hope you die a horrible death.

Really folks all that happened was this, Anthrocon has gotten a new director of programming who just doesn’t like 2 The Ranting Gryphon. This has come both from Anthrocon and 2 The Ranting Gryphon. So this has to be true, but yet the insanity behind this still remains.

Then there is the Social Justice Warriors themselves who leave comments. But it is also my personal choice to decide what comments I will allow.

For The Record

I am going to closely examination of the post Flayrah is planning on making about the charges against Patrick Lane.


The opinions stay unless I hear from a RMFC Board Member who is willing to talk about what happened and leaving nothing off the table. To be honest folks it’s more opinion than anything else currently as I don’t really believe fully that press release. For the simple reasons parts don’t make any sense, when the furries who were actually there honestly say different.

2 The Ranting Gryphon

As I stated earlier I feel sorry for the guy.

I have to ask is there any need for SJWs and Antifa I guess not.