The Furry Raiders Opinion by Ahmar Wolf

Okay so there has been many, many, many opinions sent to me and I felt it was time to clear the record. Yes, Perri Prinz is a member of the Furry Raiders and I did not know this until May 9, 2017 when I saw her mention this on Facebook. That is the truth if you choose to believe it or not. I have gone on record multiple times of my dislike of the Furry Raiders. In fact I like to see their leader Foxler burned at the stake.

For the reason why, I seriously doubt he even admits to his own members that him and I did chat a couple of times via Skype. This is both before and after what some of his former members have told me, and it’s safe to say none of it was good.

Call this personal opinion time…I found their leader Foxler in short an arrogant bastard, one who I wish dies a horrible death. Really you know it’s bad when you have to label some emails and comments as spam just so you don’t have to keep on seeing the same crap, it seems the ones who sent it, made sure I know they came from the Furry Raiders.

I do not support the Furry Raiders in any shape or forum.