My Rebuttal to the Flayrah article

It is what it is, I am not going to apologize for it. I presented one side of a very controversial subject, just because I agree with it, they are taring me a new opening all the while making fun of me. I have not done anything else my critics have not done themselves. I could cite articles that clearly prove my point but I won’t it’s not my style. Besides who rules I violated…theirs?!!! Not mine I believe in the 1st Amendment…The Right of Free Speech. Which no one as far as I know had tossed in the trash.

That article Flayrah posted shows what someone who considers themselves an outsider is treated among the so-called Furry Community Writers Elite.

In short most of the members of that community have treated me with contempt. I have been insulted, sworn at, and spam attacked. All of which I go on record is 100% true from people I asked for help from. I would be willing to take a Lie Detector Test to prove I am telling the truth. Would they be willing to go that far to prove they have NEVER slanted any article?

It is my right to cover what I see fit. My site, my rules, so I cover controversial subjects, stuff other sites are scared to touch. I have also interviewed 4 long time members of the Furry Art community, none of which said no. But without exception they all were surprised I asked them for an interview. Which I find surprising since both Flayrah and Dogpatch Press so often post Fred Patten reviews and other works. But yet only interviewed him after me. I think it’s interesting that they didn’t mention my interview which according to Mr. Patten mine was the first interview he had in over 30 years.

In fact Thurston Howl a man who I actually paid to do book reviews for Furry Times. Actually called for my arrest, after a disagreement over copyright. Never made a suggestion how to fix this just kept on shouting for my arrest over and over again until I finally had no choice but to block him. For the record this came after an essay he asked me to write on my favorite subject Furry Music Videos. I find it interesting how his attitude changed in such a short time.

Yes I am a rebel, and I follow my own rules and of course copyright law when it concerns online posts.

You maybe surprised by this I want to thank Flayrah for the article. Here I was averaging 400 views a day and that was just before the Perri Prinz 1st article. Now I am averaging around 800 views a day. They took an unknown furry blog, gave it controversy and they basically doubled my numbers.

There is an old saying “Say nothing, and no one will hear about it. Shout it to the world and everyone listens”.

There is no better example of what happened in Chicago when members of the city council basically stole a painting of one of Chicago’s Late Mayors in female undergarments. That was apart of an art show for students of the Art Institute. Because of that the controversy this art student who was about to give up painting became so famous. They are now a professional artist.

Will that happen to me. I have no idea. I guess it really depends on how much of a fuss my critics make online. The more they complain, the more my number raise.

…at least I am being honest.

I will never hide something because of an invisible set of rules or make light of another site like some.