Anime Review: Nerima Daikon Brothers

according to wikipedia

The trio lives on a stage constructed in Hideki’s daikon patch in the Nerima ward of Tokyo. They dream of building a concert dome on the site and performing their musical act to sold-out crowds. They must avoid both an overzealous policewoman who has caught on to their money-making schemes and the desires of powerful people who want to take over the daikon field. The characters are aided in their adventures by the show’s director, Shinichi Watanabe, who injects himself (in the form of his Nabeshin character from Excel Saga) into the story as a rental shop owner.

I have to admit Nerima Daikon Brothers is without a doubt one of the most unique series that you will ever see. Everything is more than it appears to be like the panda that is always popping up wanting some diakon. Who actually turns up to be a hero in a episode or 2.

You will absolutely laugh your ass off at the over the top action for example in one episode where they take out the villian with a rocket powered butt plug, and that is one of the more milder series takedowns, or stealing from crooked cops and only getting away because the honest cops show up, making a grab for all that money themselves.

Although the series is out of print, it is possible to find the series on YouTube

It never hurts to check out something new.