So Am I a Blog or a News Site?

So is my site Furry Times a blog or a news site? A question no one has ever asked me. But given the issues I had with both the Furry Writers Guild last year, and Flayrah this year. I think it’s finally time to finally give everyone a solid answer…it’s a blog, a 100% blog. I have never called myself a news site, not even once. Oh sure I post news but that doesn’t make me a news site, and frankly the hypocrisy of the 2 BIG BOYS of Furry News, namely Flayrah and Dogpatch. Each one shouting a code of ethics and hardly ever living by it. That is not a rant it is just fact, I admit it doesn’t happen to often, but when it does it is way too obvious. The most recent is what Flayrah said about me, I don’t care what any code of ethics you go by, you talk to the other side and get their side of the story, you never assume ANYTHING unless they are trying to avoid you, and even then you never can claim an assumption as fact. FOR THE RECORD: I was NEVER contacted by anyone from Flayrah on this matter. I had no knowledge about this article until after it was posted, and even then I found out about it myself.

On the other hand just check social media where I have seen dozens of posts that regularly call the articles on Dogpatch slanted. Really after even a quick check it’s hard not to find one posted by the site owner that isn’t. If I have to be like them to be called a “Furry News Site”, no I can’t live like that, I have morals, and believe in karma….and I do this because I love it.

There is so much furry stuff out there that even if you include the Furry News Network which is only on Twitter. All 4 of us, barely covers the entire furry experience.

Think about this would you call a so called furry news site. Who posts YouTube vids, sometimes adult furry art, and talk about what is going on in their lives on a furry news site?!!! Hell no, if I have to be like them.

Individualism RULES!!!

2 thoughts on “So Am I a Blog or a News Site?”

  1. Of course you’re a blog. But a blog is also a place of news. It is where fans share what is most important to them personally. Thus, what is most commonly shared on Furry blogs is a good measure of what is most important to more Furries, as apposed to the selected items featured on Dogpatch and Flayrah.

    So, when you repost an article that you think is newsworthy, you are casting your vote for the significance of that article’s newsworthiness to the fandom. In short, bloggers collectively are the fandom’s only true news source. Flayrah and Dogpatch are just the fandom’s elitist propaganda. They attempt to set trends, but are rarely successful because only a miniscule percentage of the fandom knows they exist. But just about everyfur reads somebody’s blog.

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