In Response

I got this strange comment today…

For the record why I did not allow it was because of the poster’s web address it said web dot ws I could not risk it being spam.

The message said

Why did you post your home address on Flayrah

My response..

I have not been on Flayrah in a month after what had been said about me. If anyone is posting false info or even private info stolen about me. The bosses behind Flayrah better have a lawyer on stand by…they will be sued.

Your going to love this folks…

The Message I got from them this morning was this…

It’s posted to your profile that only you can edit.

Keep in mind this is on top of the fact I told them 11 times to delete my account as I am NEVER going back to Flayrah. Perri Prinz & I both believe the site is run by haters.

Yet another day another comment

Once again I saw proof that Flayrah is run by idiots.

…and I quote

Why would you still have your personal info on that account if your going to delete it.

That is so stupid I can not answer it.


I just remembered something, before I changed all my login info so even I can’t get into that account. I did delete all my personal info and I did check and it was gone the very last time I checked. I say an admin restored all that info to my account just so they can harass me now.

Send me another harassing statement and you will be blocked web dot ws