Review of War of the Third Demon Part 1 Parents of a Savior by Casey Thomas Lehman

Keep in mind this is my first book review ever. So here it goes, the story begins for me roughly 6 months or so ago when Casey Lehman asked me to review his book.

War of the Third Demon Part 1
Parents of a Savior

Frankly when I started to read this book I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact the 80 chapters took me by surprise in this 279 page book.

But despite what little problems I had when I took this on, what I discovered was really an amazing book. I wish I could write this review like others I seen going over various details of a story, like who lives and dies, what child is born to which parent. Which step children are forced into marriage as adults.

But I can’t because in all honesty it would spoil this amazing story of dragon society. Which tells of a complex society and relationships. It eerily copies human society, where in we see dragon version of friends, family and those we love, hate and ourselves. I have to give Casey Thomas Lehman my highest praise where I saw people I know and have known in this amazing society. All as she makes you feel apart of it, leaving you wanting to know more.

So what does this story cover? Everything, I have to give it too the author for keeping the story clean. But yet it doesn’t spoil the story. In fact what it doesn’t say, leaves to your own imagination of what events had taken place in between the various stories contained in this book. Which I think only makes it better in my opinion, as you will feel more apart of their world. Leaving the reader all the while wondering what will happen to these characters are time marches on…

In fact I am looking forward to the next book. Not to see if there is a war, but to see what changes will over time affect the lives of these dragons.
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