Video Game Collecting: A Hobby or an Obsession

The following link is an article on Stacy Burns, a man with I kid you not 7,788 games. Believe me if I posted anything from that article on you would think I am making this up.

So see for yourself and ask yourself A Hobby or an Obsession

Bubsy returns in his first game in 21 years

You have to be a retro gamer to know who Bubsy is.

No better example on how he appeared on the Sega Genesis

So we now jump to today when it was announced that Bubsy is making a return. In all honesty I can’t even tell you if that is a good thing or not. Reason why is this piece of crap we saw in the late 1990s

So it understandable why I am taking a wait and see on this game.

But really I should show you what will be available on Steam and the PS4

Furcast: A Furry Podcast

Furcast was something I came across recently and they are about average for a podcast. Just sharing they are around for those of you who have an interest in them.