I think it’s amazing when we are born we are given a 100% clean slate. Meaning we can do anything, be anything, etc, etc. Except if there is something we are born with, or family, future relationships, can practically make you wonder if life is even worth living. In fact there isn’t a single person I know in RL that hasn’t an issue with family, and I included myself in this this mess.

Oh there is a whole mess of things I can include here. But why name them when you already know what they are, and people tend to hide behind names anyway. Hell why focus on just someone when I am a prefect example. A gun happy father, and an overprotective mother and older brother. Really I can say with a straight face, I for the most part have observed life rather than experience it.

If I told you at what age I got my first kiss, no one would believe me.

Oh I know there are other things I could talk about, but I think I’ll cut all that out and go straight to the point. A family like that and my relationships have left me for the most part shy, and scared to be abused. Really sometimes I get into fights with some by accident because really I don’t know what to say.

They say the main reason people are drawn to the furry fandom is because they want to feel safe. Which is ironic due to all the problems the fandom is currently facing with those who want to force their beliefs, and ideas to people who frankly don’t give a fuck. Hey I am only speaking the truth.

Take the recent problems I had with Sonious just because I deleted 1 comment, they went on a 4 video rant calling me both a communist and a NAZI. Which honestly I think is funny, not because I enjoy being called names. It’s just that they are on opposite ends of the political seesaw.

But this is a prime example of someone wanting to be the center of attention, even if it is at the expense of someone else.

So what does this have to do with with I started with about outside forces ruining us. It is the opposite end of those like me who want to be left alone. Who knows what circumstances lead them to this point.

So is there a solution? Kinda of one, without getting therapy. That is goto a convention or even a coin show in your area and walk around it. Maybe you will find someone with something interesting to say…or not. Remember what you bring to a gather is what you’re going to get in return. In other words, expect a bad time, you will get a bad time. The same could be said about anything, just get out there and see nature if that is all you have. Think about where you have come from and what brought you to this point. I found just going somewhere is really helping me get out of my shell. I also volunteer which I absolutely love doing, I wish I could do that more.

Really it doesn’t matter if you have a hardshell or want to tear someone a new opening. Get outside and enjoy fucking LIFE!!!