Dad’s Army (2015) film review

I know this is odd talking about a film that was barely released out of England. But being both a fan of the original BBC series which ran from 1968 to 1977, and a history buff when it comes to WW2, this comedy strikes GOLD.

It’s basic plot female German spy enters town and tries to use what the spirits gave her to get information out of unexpecting soldiers. But throw in stupidity, being a bit naive,and outright British slapstick. You will great an an amazingly funny film, really they did nothing wrong. Even when the female spy tries to play one soldier off of another to get them arguing that blows up in her face when they don’t want to hurt the others feelings. Throw in a good chunk of comedy like getting stuck in a window, trampled by a rather tame bull, or losing a battle with a black board. You will know you have seen something very special.

I admit the subject of WW2 can be dark like the times we live in. But really it’s good to laugh, and enjoy the action in this brilliant comedy.