Anime Review: The Secret World of Arriety

according to wikipedia

A boy named Shō tells the audience he still remembers the week in summer he spent at his mother’s childhood home with his maternal great aunt, Sadako, and the house maid, Haru. When Shō arrives at the house on the first day, he sees a cat, Niya, trying to attack something in the bushes but it gives up after it is attacked by a crow. Shō gets a glimpse of Arrietty, a young Borrower girl, returning to her home through an underground air vent.

At night, Arrietty’s father, Pod, takes her on her first “borrowing” mission, to get sugar and tissue paper. After obtaining a sugar cube from the kitchen, they travel inside a hollow wall to a bedroom which they enter through an intriguing dollhouse with working electric lights and kitchen utensils. However, it is Shō’s bedroom; he lies awake and sees Arrietty when she tries to take a tissue from his night table. Startled, she drops the sugar cube. Shō tries to comfort her, but Pod and Arrietty quietly leave and go home.

This is only the beginning of a world that some of us can not imagine. A world of tiny people living in our homes just under our own personal radar.

Some might even recognize the tale as begin close to The Littles which aired on American TV back in 1983

But this story is actually based upon The Borrowers

But begin from Studio Ghibli this film from 2010 is literally a fantastic look at a world inhabited by people that are only a few inches high.

Maybe not everyone’s taste, but it is worth looking at the trailer and seeing if it might be.