Flayrah Issues

Even though I have not been to Flayrah since May and have had zero access to my account there since the end of May 2017. It has been reported that I have been making posts to Flayrah’s Newsbytes Feed. Since what I actually did post has been altered, and or deleted I am making this official. I am taken no responsibility of anything supposed posted by me on Flayrah.

Furry Gallery – The Simpsons Visit Ponyville

by Kturtle http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kturtle/

Jodi Whittaker to Star in Doctor Who

I know a lot has been made (at least among Doctor Who fans) that except for a brief appearance of Joanna Lumley as The Doctor in an official Doctor Who spoof. That the Doctor is a woman, and technically the final one. That last bit is better left as a google search it’s a bit confusing even for me.

To me it really doesn’t matter that she has really been seen in projects for the most part that has only been seen in England. But can she act? I know a lot of the modern series fans, tend to ignore the classic series. Believe me I totally understand why. Cheap sets, bad acting and plots so bad that High Schools won’t touch them…not that they don’t have their fans, and loyal ones. In fact the only reason that there is a modern series of Doctor Who was for these fans. Not to mention all the franchise merchandise the BBC was selling. One report had it that the BBC was getting more money from this merchandising than it gets from the British govt.

But as I was saying can she act? Is she better than the only actor ever fired from the role as Doctor Who

Colin Baker, who btw is a terrible actor and here is why