My Furry Bowling Meet

Say what you like about any so called “Furry News” sites, name me one where it’s boss actually runs a meet. Here’s mine and it’s open to everyone.

For the record the bowling meet took place on July 30,2017 and the video is by
KWolfEntertainment, the truth is I forgot my own camera.

Editor’s Note: I can not believe a simple post has spawned so much criticism. All I wanted to was give myself a little pat on the back for running a successful meet. As of this posting I have gotten no less than 9 hate messages, and had no choice but to block all comments for that reason. Is it so wrong to post something that actually works in your life…apparently so to some people.

Now for the reason I said So Called News site, because that is what an admin of Flayrah said to me in a hate filled rant.

Get a life you haters