Events in Charlottesville

I am now so ashamed of this country to a point I almost can’t even stand it. First of all how can you openly call someone a NAZI or a alt-hate after what happened yesterday in Charlottesville. I am sorry to say I have been called both, but I say if anyone called me a white supremacist. They…oh hell I can’t even say it as there has just been too many people hurt. 1 dead and 19 injured after that car plowed into those counter protesters. If that wasn’t bad enough according to my local news, the driver of that car made a statement so vile at the time of his arrest that nobody even cares to air it. But in short he wanted to kill the lot of them.

Really what has this world of ours come down to. So they decide to remove a statue and you feel it’s worth killing someone over. If I was there I would cut the statue down myself. When has a hunk of metal has become more important than life itself.

Every living former president has denounced the attackers. Now guess who hasn’t…Trump. To me that speech he gave was nothing more than lip service. I apologize for bringing him in on this. But he is supposed the be the leader of this goddamn country, he isn’t he acting like one.

What if someone attacked them with bombs like the Boston Marathon attack, or with automatic weapon fire. Does the end justify the means? Hell NO!!!

I know some of you think it’s a shame they are removing what some think is history. But how can you support one side, when they are willing to kill someone over it.