Im No Longer On Furry Amino, Here Is Why~

Since I posted my own piece on Furry Amino HERE I have had nothing but problems with those who run this who run that app. Believe me when you try and be fair and all you get for your all of your efforts is a slap in the face.

Really when one of their admins, one Howlett Fang basically sent me a series of messages actually threatening me with bodily harm if I did not retract my story on their app. I try and be fair, if you got a point make it. I will listen. But when all you do is belittle me, call me stupid and call my life a waste of space. I asked him to stop, but he wouldn’t act like a man (If he is one) he could not take no for an answer. I literally got 5 messages in 17 hours all of which were filled with nothing but hate. Finally I had no choice but to label him as spam.

After all the problems I faced by their dictatorial rules. What was wrong with my posts? Many were taken down for what I felt was without reason, a problem I had for the very start. Imagine you’re doing a post on what you felt like at your very 1st fur con, a piece I have to say was both 100% clean and did not mention any body parts was in fact taken down. In fact in the beginning 60% of all my original posts were either blocked or removed. Why, my own guess is that they did not like them.

Eventually I got around to the idea of what kind of pieces they allow me to post. And Flayrah actually complained that I was far to strict with what kind of comments I allow. Try making a post on Furry Amino, they are 1000 times worse. Speaking of that when I questioned why all of this was happening, I was banned for 3 weeks. Really I did, and all for questioning their divine judgement.

Eventually I tried to work for them. Okay I fully admit I only did this to get more views. But when all you get are a never ending series of stupid remarks and 5 views or less for every post. While the admin kept on insisting I should abandon my blog and move everything over to them. Look I know crazy when I see it, so I bailed…and that was when the problems started.

I will go on record saying unless your a masochist, stay away from Furry Animo.

In addition: The above video is not the only one I have seen of where the admins are accused of stealing art. One of the biggest thefts is one i saw before it was taken down. The comment, not the admin post. It seems one of the admins posted this roughly weekly magazine piece of stuff that was happening, and of works of fiction as well as art posted on the app. It seems it was a matter of luck for me to see work included in that app magazine was stolen used without permission. Mind you I only make a point of this because the writers and artist’s original posts said do not copy. No wonder they have been labeled thieves.