Kothorix interviews Foxler (of The Furry Raiders)

Really I can not give Kothorix enough praise for even arranging the interview he had with Foxler, let alone having Foxler to agree for it to be streamed. Kothorix I can not thank you enough for allowing Foxler to finally show the entire world what he is really like. Kothorix you did something that neither Dogpatch Press or Flayrah could ever do, once again congrats.

With that said, some of you might know I have have trouble with both Foxler and certain members of the Furry Raiders. But since I deleted my proof of my issues with them, I have been repeatedly called a liar.

But here I am today with a BIG smile upon my face, and the reasons are simple. Not only did Foxler go over those same issues in that interview, but his answers were frankly more daming to both him and the Furry Raiders.

Thanks to this interview we now know where the Raiders symbol came from. You see Foxler tried to join the NAZI party, but was rejected because he was not white.

Foxler also fully admits that both him and the Furry Raiders were asked to leave certain businesses over their use of their armband as well as their behaviour. But also admits these same places have threatened to get the police involved.

Really that isn’t even the worst of it, but I will leave that to the interview which I highly recommend you see, this even extends to members of The Furry Raiders some of which I know some of them read my blog. Really I don’t even know how the Furry Raiders could survive the fallout from this interview. To reasons why check out the interview.