Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People

Honestly this has to make sense to someone. I’ll just let this article that originally appeared on verysmartbrothas.the by Damon Young stand as it is.

…and this is only the first paragraph

It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black men as a whole possess any sort of privilege—particularly the type of privilege created for and protected by whiteness. In America, we are near or at the bottom in every relevant metric determining quality of life. Our arrest and incarceration rates, our likelihood of dying a violent death, our likelihood of graduating high school and attending college, our employment rates, our average net worth, our likelihood of surviving past 70—I could continue, but the point is clear.

Social Media and Blogging

Really I like sharing what I post but sometimes you run into a granite wall on social media when you try to use the apps available and easily share to your social media accounts. I say granite wall because that is the way it feels sometimes. Take Facebook, not only do I have to post directly to that site, and if I link to this blog I get labeled a spammer if I post tooo many links.

Then there is Google Plus and I openly apologize to any readers I may have there. Really it was only yesterday that I discovered all my linked posts were being labeled “Shared only with You”. Not only didn’t I know about this, but did you know there wasn’t any way of changing it back. You see originally when I set this up they were being labeled as “Public” and I have no idea how this got changed. So I now finding myself now deleting these unavailable posts, and having to post the links myself.

See blogging isn’t easy.