Social Media and Blogging

Really I like sharing what I post but sometimes you run into a granite wall on social media when you try to use the apps available and easily share to your social media accounts. I say granite wall because that is the way it feels sometimes. Take Facebook, not only do I have to post directly to that site, and if I link to this blog I get labeled a spammer if I post tooo many links.

Then there is Google Plus and I openly apologize to any readers I may have there. Really it was only yesterday that I discovered all my linked posts were being labeled “Shared only with You”. Not only didn’t I know about this, but did you know there wasn’t any way of changing it back. You see originally when I set this up they were being labeled as “Public” and I have no idea how this got changed. So I now finding myself now deleting these unavailable posts, and having to post the links myself.

See blogging isn’t easy.