Twitch Streaming

Once again on Twitter I saw yet another post for a streaming video on Twitch. Although I can’t quite get the logic behind it as to me most of them seem to be nothing but streaming gameplays or artists showing off their works as they create them. But I guess this is the next logical step as this can also be done on YouTube. To how many views they get really seems on what interests you….there are certainly a lot of Twitch channels as even a simple check of the site can clearly show anyone.

Furry: 20 Video Game Characters With Tails That Are Surprising!

The Gamer recently posted an article on what could best be called furry characters in video games. Although most seem to be humans with animal like features, but there are some like Berri from Conker’s Bad Fur Day that could be at home in any furry work/

How to Be a Shitty Artist

shitty artist 1

shitty artist 2

This maybe just a work some artist did but there are REAL Shitty Artists out there so be warned!!!