Veterans Day Reality

Happy Veteran’s Day everyone and today we salute our Veterans with parades, concerts and etc. But will all this good will towards our service people why is it they constantly get shafted by our own govt. I swear anyone who brings up that Obama vs. Trump nonsense is the first person I will hit in the face with a large rock. Let me tell you I volunteer at the local VA hospital and I have seen it first hand that despite what any elected official says on TV what the Vets actually get is the total opposite. For example Healthcare which many get through the VA Healthcare system. Which I am not knocking as it is good but it could be better. Did you know it really was Assembly Line Heathcare, get them in and get them out as fast as possible with rare exception. They can of course get housing and other assistance but the reality of it if they need to talk to someone forget it. They leave message and after message and maybe 3 or 4 month down the road they might get a call from someone with no authority to solve the problem. Really I could go on and on about Housing the govt failed to deliver upon. Transportation that is often late because our govt won’t hire the number of drivers needed…because there are no funds. The list is endless, including one last thing which I think all of us can understand. Sometimes the VA schedules appointments one of top of another. Literally a Vet can be at the hospital all day, I met one guy who was there from 7AM to 6PM, and like most Vets they are on disability. He literally had to beg for food because he had no money to buy it. BTW Volunteers can not give any Vets money for anything, even if it is to pay for someone elses food. They use to give the Vets vouchers for food but stopped a few years back because of budget cuts and as far as I know there are zero plans to restore this. Okay I promise the very last thing, you know most disabled Vets pay full fare getting to and from the hospital. Oh sure my area has a program for reduced fares. But did you know our govt has made it actually harder for Vets to get reduced fare than one who had not served.

When I see an elected official and it doesn’t matter which party they belong to saying on TV “We are going to help the Vets” with this or that. I say “Yeah right”. It just never happens it will always stay the same. You know Vets in Mexico get treated better than here in the US.