So Let’s Attack The Raiders Once Again

Look I am sure I am on the Furry Raiders hit list somewhere given as many times as I have called them racist or just plain dumb as Foxler showed himself to be with that interview with Kothorix. An interview where Foxler came off more looking stupid than I thought he was, in fact he made rocks look smarter. But the one thing besides acting stupid is blaming someone for doing something that they didn’t do. A position I found myself in more than once, especially after Flayrah site attacked me unfairly.

What I am talking about is the article on Dogpatch Press and the reaction to that article on social media. I swear some of the comments I seen you think the Furry Raiders were responsible for the start of WW2 and not just posting something stupid stuff online. I read the article and seen the post I just call it what it is….STUPID. Which is the reason I did not post a similar article here.

I know someone is going to call me a member of The Furry Raiders. When in fact they can suck my furry ass, I don’t care about them or the idiots who still are members. I call them idiots because of that legal matter arose of the staff member of RMFC allowing Foxler to look over a list of those who pre registered and out the ones he hate. A lawyer friend told me that those involved are facing 11 years min in federal prison for Wire Fraud and what they did all have severe penalties under the law. Even those members of RMFC staff who were involved in this matter are facing an equally harsh term.

Look there is a HUGE difference between posting crap online and an actual criminal act. Personally I rather focus on real news a actual crime has been committed.

A Time When Goth Ms. Frizzle Fought Back

It seems a Utah Twitter star of some fame fought back against the furry Alt-Right and won you might be interested in knowing the one she fought against was Foxler LINK